About Us


Neon Moon formed from a love of songwriting. In 2015 Josh and Noelle dedicated one year of their life to writing a new song every week and posting it on YouTube. They named the project Our52Songs. From this immersion into the crafting process, they discovered their deep love for the sounds of yesteryear’s country music.

After choosing their 5 favorite tracks from Our52Songs, the duo headed to Forty-One-Fifteen in historic East Nashville’s Inglewood neighborhood and started carving out the sonic landscape that would become their first release. This long process paid off with the birth of Neon Moon’s 6 song album, 6:53– named after the 52 song project plus 1 more they wrote and recorded later to make 6 songs out of 53. When asked about the record Josh says “I think Country music fans feel a little disconnected from what’s (being played) on the radio today. Our goal was to make something they could listen to and feel connected again to the things they used to love about listening to country music.” Upon listening to the album you’ll hear a plethora of familiar sounds. From the heart wrenching ballad “Already Broken” (which the band agrees is the song they are most proud of from the 52 songs written in unknown preparation of this 6 track record), to the cheeky tune “Homewrecker” that’s full of Loretta and Dolly-esque piss & vinegar and playful lyrics. Noelle says with a laugh “[Homewrecker] keeps radio on their toes. They’re waiting on the edge of their seat for these curse words that never actually come.” You might even pick up on the Fleetwood Mac vibes from “Smoke”, but the swinging country groove of “If I Knew” is all their own. With 6:53, Neon Moon has created a melting pot of modern-vintage country music.

This twangy-Americana pair started gaining traction when CMChat premiered their debut single and music video for “If I Knew.” Neon Moon’s dedicated fan base then shared the premiere over 400 times helping the video to over 70k YouTube views. They also caught the attention of Nashville’s longest running independent radio station Lightning 100, who asked Neon Moon to play on their sponsored porch at Westhaven’s Porchfest – a festival with over 12,000 attendees just down the road on I-65 South in Noelle’s hometown.

Noelle grew up in Franklin, Tennessee playing piano, attending songwriting and rock band summer camps, and belting out Martina McBride and Aretha Franklin songs. Given her young age, her talents did not go unnoticed and she was given opportunities to open for the likes of Michael McDonald and Blake Shelton.

Josh Bohannon, born and raised on country music in a small town in Georgia, moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of his musical dreams. Ten years ago, after completing an international USO tour, he followed a country band to Nashville, Tennessee. The band broke up shortly after the move, but he stayed in town and started going to writers’ rounds while rediscovering his love for Nashville songwriting. Weeks later, Bohannon met his musical partner and future wife Noelle. Eventually, the pair decided to team up and become Neon Moon.

In October of 2017, No Depression picked up the debut for their second single, “Smoke”. The official video for “Smoke” was then premiered by influential website PopMatters, and has since amassed over 90K views between YouTube and Facebook. 

“Smoke” has a real Nashville songwriter’s quality to it. The lines are precise and descriptive. This is not abstraction; it hits you right between the eyes with the difficulties of a successful relationship. It’s the kind of song that feels comfortable to listen to despite expressing deep, harrowing pain.” –Ear to the Ground

The Alternate Root also added the track as number 3 on a top 10 list just behind country roots-rock power house Turnpike Troubadours. All of these small steps gained the attention of Starbucks, which recently added “Smoke” to their in-store library and their Spotify Country playlist.

In just under two years, these two have already logged thousands of miles in touring, capped by successful stops in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. 

” You really find out who you are and where you stand when you’re on the road. The crowds don’t lie. If they like it, they’ll let you know. If they don’t, you might not sell enough merch to eat. I believe in our songs and I believe in our ability to win over the room no matter where we go. We’ve done it each and every night so far. I’m excited to see what happens.” – Josh

These partners in crime (and music) continue to nurture their love of songwriting by making sure to write constantly while preparing for a full length release, and continually posting new raw songs and and videos on their social media and website.