About Us

“Meet Neon Moon, whose music will scratch all your twangy country itches.” – Mother Church Pew


Neon Moon formed from a love of songwriting. Josh and Noelle dedicated one year of their life to writing a new song every week and posting it on YouTube, which they titled Our52Songs. From this immersion into the crafting process, they discovered their deep love for the sounds of yesteryear’s country music.


After choosing their 5 favorite tracks from Our52Songs, the duo headed to Forty-One-Fifteen in historic East Nashville’s Inglewood neighborhood and started laying them down. This long process paid off with the birth of Neon Moon’s 6 song album, 6:53– named after the 52 song project plus 1 more they wrote and recorded later on to make 6 songs out of 53. Upon listening to the album you’ll hear a combination of sounds (Loretta Lynn, Fleetwood Mac and a sprinkle of early Dolly) creating this melting pot of modern-vintage twang.


Since recording their debut record-


This twangy Americana pair continues to nurture their love of songwriting by making sure to write constantly while preparing for weekend warrior road gigs in the fall.