WSM Root 650 feat. Neon Moon

On Friday 7/21, we had our first live radio appearance during the Root 650 broadcast on WSM. You may have heard of them, they host this little show called the Grand Ole Opry. nbd. Anyways, hear us talk a little about the record, about bartending in the same building as WSM, about how we met, and more- take a listen below!


If I Knew **TEASER**

SO, We couldn’t wait any longer. Here’s a taste of what we’ve been working on.

You’ll be able to hear the whole song on April 15th on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, etc.


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If We’re Being Honest

Hey guys, Noelle here! I was just wanting to write in and give everyone a little update on what’s going on with Neon Moon. It’s been over a year since Josh and I announced that we were officially joining forces and creating Neon Moon. We then picked our 5 favorite songs from Our 52 Songs project, and went in and started recording a few months later. So the question is: if we started recording nearly a year ago, why haven’t we shared any of our music with the world?  There are a few reasons-


  1. It was finished right around the ’16 Christmas season and we were advised not to release around the holidays.
  2. We REALLY want to release this the right way, meaning making sure that people actually hear the music that we are putting out. So we need to garner a little bit of buzz with blogs and publications, but before we can do that we have to set an official release date.


On Feb 12th we recorded a music video for the song that we have picked for the single. Our original plan was on 02/15 we were to announce that the single would be released 02/24, then the music video shortly thereafter. We had a meeting that day, 02/15, with Gary Kraen at Lightning 100. Gary has been helping us by lending his expertise in the music/radio business and being an honest set of ears. During that meeting we talked about a lot of things including the release of the single.

Josh and Jessica at Lightning. Jess has been helping us with the management/booking side of things and always keeping us motivated and on task.

He advised us to definitely send our EP to the Americana Association, that way if we get any radio spins they count towards us possibly charting on the Americana charts. But, here is where it gets a little hairy. As it turns out, the Americana Association doesn’t count singles or EPs as spins, only full length albums. BUT, they consider an album to be 6 tracks. Remember when I said we picked our 5 favorite songs?

3. We now needed a 6th song to be in line with putting out a proper album.

So Josh and I had a tough decision to make. We are thrilled with how our EP came out, and we had a couple of options for a 6th track, but the cost and time it would take to do one more fully produced song that sounded just like the rest was a bit overwhelming. So we brainstormed and ended up starting writing a new tune that week. The studio and producer for the first 5 songs wasn’t available with such short notice and we are really eager to get these songs out, so we booked a half day at another studio in town. When we booked the studio the song wasn’t even finished, but we wanted to make sure that we had a deadline and we got it done. We recorded the song, which we have titled “If We’re Being Honest,” with just Josh on acoustic guitar, me singing, and a harmonica player. The song we wrote is probably the most honest song we’ve ever written and I feel like it is the perfect way to close the album. So THANK YOU Americana Association for helping us write and record something we didn’t even know we needed.

So our course of action now is to get the final song mastered, then print physical copies and send one to every independent radio station in the country, and submit it to the Americana Association. Once we’ve been accepted we will set a single release date and let you hear something. Then before you know it we will have an album release show and then set out on tour.

Thank you for your patience, sometimes I feel like an idiot posting things when I don’t have anything real and substantial that I’m able to share with you guys. So that’s why I wanted to just be real and let y’all know the reality of what’s going on. It’s very difficult not to just be like hey this and this is done, HERE YOU GO! But, we know making sure we go through the proper channels will be beneficial in the long run.

Love y’all<3